Seed and Sprout Energy Mask- Lotus

Seed and Sprout Energy Mask- Lotus

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Supplies moisture and resilience lift. Lotus flower seeds provide intense hydration as it forms a protective barrier around the skin to retain moisture. Black rice, black bean, and mugwort extracts soothe irritated skin while restoring skin's vitality. Soaked in 100% natural floral fragrance for a relaxing and calm experience once applied.

This organic cotton mask is unbleached, making it noticeably softer and safer than bleached masks.

How To: After cleansing and toning, open package and unfold mask. Apply remaining essence in package to neck and shoulders. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Remove mask, then tap remaining essence into skin for complete absorption. 

*For all skin types

Main Ingredients
Lotus Flower Seed

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