Super Sprout Serum

Super Sprout Serum

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Formulated with Photo-Sprout, this super anti-aging serum turn dull and weakened skin into firm and rejuvenated skin. Phyto-Sprout is an exclusive ingredient to Primera and derives from black rice sprouts, black soy bean sprouts, and black sesame. This blend corrects skin tone, strengthens the skin's barrier, hydrates, and improves skin texture. Powerful ingredients help combat wrinkles. Made with 100% natural originated ingredients, which gently absorb into the skin.

Free of artificial fragrance, synthetic colorants, animal ingredients, and mineral oil. 

How To: After cleansing and toning, apply to fingertips, then gently sweep across face. Start at the center and work outwards. Circle and massage from the center of your forehead up to your hairline. 

Size: 50 ml 

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Main Ingredients
Black rice sprouts, black soybean sprouts, black sesame. 

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