Alpine Berry Watery Cream

Alpine Berry Watery Cream

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Aloe vera leaf and alpine strawberry extract provide deep hydration as papaya fruit extract strengthens skin with keratinoid and vitamin C. Alpine strawberries have the ability to bud even in the harsh winters in Europe and North America. This strength is infused into this rich hydrating cream to provide anti-oxidation effects, which protects and rejuvenates skin. Aloe vera leaf extract is nontoxic and extremely effective in providing much needed moisture to tired and damaged skin for a radiant glow.

Dermatologist tested

How To: Use morning and night after serum and eye cream. Apply appropriate amount to palm and massage evenly into face.

*For all skin types
Size: 50 ml

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Main Ingredients
Alpine Strawberry Sprout, Aloe Vera Leaf, Papaya