What is a Brush & Powder Beauty Box?
Love beautifully soft and healthy skin? We do too! Our mission is to help you achieve your healthiest and happiest skin, one month at a time. Each month we curate a box of 4-5 FULL-SIZED amazing Korean beauty products based on your skin type (normal, dry, oily, combination). This is NOT a subscription, reoccurring payment, box. You can pick and choose which month you want to buy a box. If you love the items, then great! If you see the box isn't for you, then come back next month and see what new box we have curated!

We want to surprise you each month with products that provide you with the best possible experience as you explore the incredible world of Korean skincare and beauty. We keep up to date on the current trends and innovative products in Korea to keep your skin glowing and gorgeous. 

We're located just outside the heart of Seoul and ensure that all of our products are purchased in country and are 100% authentic.

How do I purchase a Brush & Powder Beauty Box?

Select your skin type and click on the purchase button. There may be an option that you need to select when you pick your box, such as an eyeliner color or lipstick preference. Once you fill in the billing information we ask for your shipping info and you’re all set! 

What kind of items are included in a Brush & Powder Beauty Box?

We thought you would never ask! Each monthly box contains a variety of beauty items to keep you looking your best. We curate a variety of items such as essence, sheet masks, face brushes (yes, really!), cleansers, masks, and so much more.  All products have been hand selected, tested, and approved by our team of beauty enthusiasts. We take great care to send only amazing, high quality, items that we use and enjoy ourselves!  Each month we put a great deal of thought, research, and time into curating a box just for you!

When do Brush & Powder Beauty Boxes ship?

We ship our curated boxes and ship them once per month! Purchase by the last day of each month to receive your box for the upcoming month. For example, if you purchase by April 30th, you will receive the May beauty box. If you purchase AFTER April 30th, you will receive the June box. 

Which countries do you ship to?

If you love healthy and beautiful skin, then we'll find a way to get your box to you! Best of all, we have FREE shipping on all of our Beauty Boxes, no matter where you live~ 

How can I gift a Brush & Powder Beauty Box?

We love that you want to share the gift of gorgeous skin! If you want to give a box as a gift, simply select the correct skin type, and when you check out, enter your billing information, but put the recipient's shipping information.

If you're unsure of the which skin type to choose and don't want to spoil the surprise, we recommend the combination skin box, as it's the most common skin type.

Where can I find more about Korean skincare and it's benefits?

Make sure you check out our blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts for facts, photos, videos, and informative posts. For a more behind-the-scenes look at Brush & Powder, join us on Snapchat!

Send us a fun or creative picture with your Korean beauty product or with our Box and we may feature you on our website, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account! 

What is your return policy?

Check out our Returns page.

I don't have PayPal, do you take debit and credit cards?

Absolutely! Check out our "How to Order An Item and Check Out" page for detailed instructions on how to check out!

Who buys Korean Beauty wholesale products?

We are a leading Korean Beauty wholesale distributor for small businesses worldwide. Our mission is to make Korean beauty products accessible to everyone that desires to start their own business, pursue their hobby, or earn extra income. We provide you with the best possible experience as you explore the incredible world of Korean skincare and the earning potential that is possible with the growing global demand for Korean beauty products.  

We create a bridge between small business owners and the Korean Beauty industry by providing guaranteed 100% authentic Korean Beauty products directly from the source of the thriving industry, South Korea.

For an updated Korean Beauty wholesale price list, e-mail us at wholesale@brushandpowder.com

I have a great opportunity for Brush & Powder!

Wonderful! We would love to hear all about it~

- If you have a Press related inquiry reach out to our Press Team: press@brushandpowder.com

- Have a terrific product you'd like considered for inclusion in the box? drake@brushandpowder.com

Don't know who to contact? Email us at help@brushandpowder.com and we'll make sure the correct person gets back to you!

Want to be a guest contributor for our blog? Please send your pitch and writing sample to hello@brushandpowder.com.