About Us

Who We Are

Brush & Powder is a beauty box company and leading Korean Beauty wholesale distributor for small businesses worldwide, based near Seoul, South Korea. We have a variety of products for you to try, many of which are sold only in South Korea. Korean skincare has gained international attention and is becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages. Our mission is to make Korean beauty products accessible to everyone that desires to have healthy, radiant skin, no matter where you live. This is why we offer free worldwide shipping for our beauty boxes, as well as orders over $79. Korean skincare is more than just a trend; it’s a way of life. We want to provide you with the best possible experience as you explore the incredible world of Korean skincare. We believe that once you begin to use Korean skincare and beauty products, you will truly see why men and women from around the world continue to seek out the most innovative, creative, and beneficial products on the market.


Why Korean Beauty?

Ancient Korean recipes handed down for generations have been combined with state-of-the-art technologies to create gentle and unique products. Korean skincare concentrates on prevention and perfection, rather than masking imperfections. A brilliant complexion comes from hydrated and nourished skin, which Korean beauty has down to a science. We curate your experience specifically for you, so that you get the most benefit out of Korean beauty.

As prevention is the key to healthy, youthful skin, it’s important to begin practicing healthy skincare habits from a young age. Many of us were not taught how to properly cleanse and moisturize our face as a child. While we may not have been given the best tools and secrets as adolescents, there is no better day than today to begin your journey to supple, resilient skin. We will strive to be with you every step of the way as you learn what works best with your skin. We know that the 10-step skin care routine sounds confusing and tedious, but we’re here to help! And finally teach you the difference between essence, serums, and emulsions (we promise, there IS a difference!). So let us help you navigate your wonderful journey, one box at a time.