Miracle Seed Concentrate Oil

Miracle Seed Concentrate Oil

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Lotus flower seeds delivers a variety of benefits, such as supplying moisture, anti-oxidants, and a resilient lift to the skin. Natural originated seed oils contain nutrients that revive skin elasticity, while strengthening the skin's natural barrier. Maintaining water-oil balance in the skin results in healthy, smooth, radiant skin. Skin will be noticeably smoother with just one use. The scent of natural essential oils will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Quick absorption. 

Dermatologist tested

How To: Use morning and night. After toner, apply a few drops onto fingertips, then gently massage into face. 1-2 drops may also be mixed into toner, emulsion, or cream. Bottle is long-lasting.

*For all skin types, including oily
Size: 30 ml

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Main Ingredients
Wild Peach Bud