Smooth Cleansing Cream

Smooth Cleansing Cream

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A gentle cream cleanser that effortlessly melts away skin impurities and makeup residue. The gentle cleanser glides on smoothly without a sticky application. Grape leaf extracts increase the skin's ability to retain moisture after cleansing, allowing your following skin care regimen to provide optimal results. Cotton extracts revitalize the skin which can become damaged and worn down from repetitive washing and everyday environmental stressors. This cream helps to maintain the proper amount of oil in the skin to keep it healthy and balanced.  


How To: Apply a proper amount to your face and gently massage. Rinse with lukewarm water. Follow with a foam cleanser.

*For all skin types.

Size: 250 ml 

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Main Ingredients
Broccoli Sprout, Bead Tree, Red Grape Vine