The Secret To Clean, Healthy Skin: Oil Cleanser

We’re all familiar with a standard issue cleanser, you know the ones that keep your skin clean, clear, and under control? Those just simply aren’t enough to thoroughly cleanse your skin of long-lasting makeup and impurities. Oil cleansers are a great product to keep stocked in your precious skincare collection and once you try them, you’ll never go back. 

What It Does

Ever use your regular cleanser and find that your eye makeup still looks decent enough for a quick run to the 7-11? That’s because you’re missing a major player in your cleansing routine. Lip and eye makeup removers work wonders, but you can’t forget the rest of your skin. If you’re on the toner train, then you know just how much residue you’ll find on your cotton pad if you skip your oil cleanse. Water-based cleansers work to get rid of dirt and sweat, but they aren’t enough to rid your skin of all of the impurities, sebum (oil) build up, and makeup residue. That's where oil cleansers come in. A good oil cleanser will step up your cleansing game and leave your skin softer and cleaner than ever before. 

There is also something incredibly satisfying about the way the creamy balm melts into a silky-smooth liquid as it’s massaged into the skin. Koreans practice regular facial massages as a key to increasing blood circulation, which improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to keep the skin young and healthy. And who doesn’t love a good massage??

For those with oily skin, we know what you’re thinking, “But I’ve got enough going on already, why do I want MORE oil?” Trust me, you do. Oil fights oil. It clings to that sebum that we have a love/hate relationship with and washes it straight down the drain, taking your foundation and pesky impurities along for the ride.

When to Use It

Oil cleansing is appropriate for both day and night use. What you choose to do will depend on your preference, skin type, and schedule. Since we’re continuously producing oil even as we sleep, it isn’t unusual to add an oil cleanse in the a.m., especially if you have oily skin. Personally, I typically use an oil cleanser only in the evening, as I try to squeeze in as much precious sleep as possible. I love my evening oil cleansing ritual because it’s my time to relax, decompress, and take care of myself after a long day. I take my time massaging in the oil and get a strong sense of satisfaction knowing that my makeup is washing away with the micro-dust (yellow dust) and pollution that we Seoul residents deal with on a daily basis. If you’ve spent anytime living in Korea, or a big city, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

How to Use It

As an oil cleanser is the first step in cleansing, you will start with a dry face. For balm cleansers, scoop out about a marble sized amount, and for a liquid cleanser, press one-two pumps into the palm of your hand. Apply the oil cleanser and begin to massage all-over the face to get a nice silky layer gliding across. The balm will turn into a liquid as you massage it with your fingertips. Make sure to gently massage away your water-proof mascara and eyeliner. You’d be surprised to know just how many days that waterproof mascara will last without a proper cleanse. And no need to worry, it doesn't sting your eyes if you accidentally get some into them! Guilty as charged.

Now is also the perfect time to apply a simple facial massage, as the oil allows your fingers to glide effortlessly across your skin without tugging. Once you finish massaging in the oil cleanser, splash with lukewarm water, and then begin to rub in the water to emulsify the oil, which allows it to rinse away easily. Once the oil has emulsified by turning into a milky-white liquid, thoroughly rinse the oil cleanser. Follow up with your water-based cream or foam cleanser to remove any remaining oil.

Which brand is best?

While there are many great brands with good oil cleansers, Banila Co. Clean It Zero Classic is one of my favorite products that I just couldn’t live without. One of the best things about Banila Co., is they have created an entire line of Clean It Zero oil cleansers to match each skin type: normal, combination, dry, oily, and sensitive. They are also completely affordable and you get your money’s worth, as they can last for MONTHS with daily use. 

If you’ve tried an oil cleanser, we would love to hear about it. Do you use it day and night? Which brand do you love? Let us know in the comments below!


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