GD Eau De Toilette Ultimate Review- Putting GDragon to the Test

As a GD fan, I feel a little bit like a failure for not being in the know about his new fragrance, GD Eau De Toilette. Luckily that has since been rectified, and I was even able to get my hands on some to try out and see (smell) for myself!

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Being the diligent VIP, aka BigBang fan, I decided to test out the unisex fragrance on both myself and on my husband. Here is some background of our daily lives so that you can paint a picture of what the fragrance went through for each of us: I am the bread-winner. I go to work at a daycare and teach English from 8am until 4:30pm. Kids are all over me, and I wash my hands frequently due to paint, markers, and the massive amount of germs that I come into contact with each day. Thank God we do not have glitter! My husband, on the other hand, stays home and takes care of our fur-baby, our chores, cooking, finances, etc. He is a clean freak and as such does DEEP cleaning every day.

So, in the morning I sprayed the GD Eau De Toilette fragrance on both myself and my husband on our wrists only. We rubbed them together and also patted our necks for good measure.

Before we move onto the surprising results, let’s learn a bit about GD’s hit fragrance!

On August 8th, G-Dragon blessed this planet with his own signature fragrance, GD Eau de Toilette. It was an immediate success with VIPs everywhere.

On the first day of pre-sales, the highly anticipated fragrance exceeded sales of $1,000,000. Then, two days after the fragrance officially launched, a popular branch of Lotte Department store had received a new supply, which sold more than $50,000 in the first HOUR of sales. With a huge fan-base spanning the world, it’s no surprise that fans were lining up waiting to get their hands on the scent created by G-Dragon himself.

Each week G-Dragon tested samples and picked the scents that would result in his popular unisex fragrance. The inspiration behind GD Eau De Toilette was G-Dragon’s desire to capture his creativity and emotion behind stage. It’s a scent that fans can get behind. The result is a light, woody, citrusy-scent with hints of grapefruit, tangerine, fresh sea breeze, and notes of cedarwood and musk. It’s an iconic scent that can work well for both men and women. 

This fragrance is a big deal for us VIPs, which is why I was eager to try it out myself.

GD Eau De Toilette by Moonshot Cosmetics

Photo by: Brush & Powder

First of all, the quality is great. I washed my hands over 10 times (this included scrubbing my wrists!) and I could still faintly smell it at the end of the day. My husband’s wrists smelled significantly stronger by the time we ended the test. 

The downside: I smelled quite musky while my husband smelled wonderful. This fragrance is supposed to mix with the wearer’s personal smell, so it does the job it says it will. I just had no idea how “manly” I would smell! This gave my coworkers and me quite a laugh! My husband emanated a very pleasant citrusy smell that I am very envious of! He identified it as a “feminine” smell, but I thoroughly enjoy citrus fragrances on both males and females alike.

The interesting thing here is that Crystal and her husband had the opposite effects when they tried it out! Drake was left with a very “masculine” musky smell, while she emitted “feminine” citrus.

The only way to know how GD Eau de Toilette will react with your personal body chemistry is to try it out for yourself! As for me, I will be stocking up on it so I can douse my husband in it on special occasions. It is definitely worth a try, and if it just doesn’t suit you personally, it makes a great gift to any of your GD fan friends!

Pick up your own bottle in the Brush & Powder store HERE

For those of you who have tried it, how did it react to your scent? Let us know your results and reviews in the comments! 



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