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Exfoliation is a key step in achieving soft, smooth skin. You are not only ridding your skin of dead skin cells and dirt, but also setting a smooth canvas to apply your makeup. I love the feeling of waking up in the morning and going to bed with silky smooth skin from my skincare routine. Having exfoliated skin allows your makeup to look fresher and prevents foundation from flaking. Exfoliating masks and scrubs are great ways to obtain a polished, fresh complexion.


A little bit of exfoliation can go a long way: it is recommended to exfoliate up to twice a week. Too much exfoliation can cause excessive dryness or redness. I especially enjoy the SkinFood line of exfoliators because they use sugar as the main scrubbing agent, which is gentle on skin and disintegrates. This helps prevent over-exfoliation of the skin.


The best time for exfoliation is after completing your double cleansing routine with cleansing oil and face foam. Many people make the mistake of exfoliating before cleansing, which does not allow for proper makeup removal. By doing this, you will achieve the best skincare results.



Now, you're ready to exfoliate. Where do you start? Listed below are examples of a variety of manual exfoliators. Different skin types benefit from different exfoliators.


SkinFood’s Black Sugar Mask Wash Off works well with combination skin and smells wonderfully of Brazilian black sugar. Massage into your skin and let the sugar do the dirty work, ridding your skin of dead skin cells and impurities.




One of my personal favorites, SkinFood’s Rice Mask Wash Off is a milky and soft rice-based exfoliation. Its brightening effects help give your skin a radiant and fresh glow. This gentle exfoliator is great for normal skin types.



SkinFood’s Black Sugar Strawberry Mask is made of strawberry seed oil and black sugar, rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Moisturizing and exfoliating, this mask works well with oily skin.




The SkinFood Black Sugar Honey Mask Wash Off is one of SkinFood’s best selling exfoliators and is great for all skin types. Gently massage the sugar into your skin and allow the grains to slowly dissolve, lifting dead skin cells and nourishing your skin with vitamins and minerals. Skin is left radiant, moisturized, and incredibly soft.


Aside from your typical scrubs and masks, the Natural Cocoon Peeling Balls will make your skin baby-soft. These tiny balls are made of 100% natural silk and are easy and fun to use. Place them on your fingertips and gently massage your face, scrubbing the dead skin cells away. You will be left with noticeable softer and brighter skin. Perfect for all skin types, and especially beneficial for dry skin.



If you are looking for an alternative to manual peels (exfoliating scrubs and masks), there is also the option of chemical peels. Some chemical peels are stronger while others are gentler for sensitive skin. The type of chemical peel you choose is dependent on your skincare type. Dermatologists and estheticians can provide a chemical peels and often have the goal of treating the patient’s specific skincare concerns such as fine lines or hyperpigmentation.


I have tried many of the exfoliators listed above from SkinFood’s line and I absolutely love them. When I began my “exfoliation journey,” the difference in my skin was incredibly noticeable. My complexion is brighter and my skin is soft to the touch – every beauty enthusiast’s dream! Finding the best exfoliation method for your skin type is crucial in achieving glowing, soft skin.

Now that you have learned about the exfoliation process, which exfoliation method do you think is the best for you? If you have an experience with a certain product or type of exfoliator, please let us know! 



Brooke Finnicum is a university student with a passion for traveling and Korean culture, especially when it comes to Korean beauty and skincare.

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