8 Ways to Protect Your Skin This Summer

1. Cleanse the skin of impurities through your cleansing and exfoliation.

After a long day in the sun, sweat and oil accumulate on your skin and clogs your pores. Using a cleansing foam such as the Water Cress Brightening Foam, which uses a green tea water and lotus flower extract to brighten skin and cleanse away impurities, will rid your skin of the day’s debris and dirt. Exfoliating with the SkinFood Black Sugar Strawberry Mask Wash Off will gently life away impurities and dead skin cells and create a smooth complexion. Utilizing these skincare steps will slough off previous sun damage and rejuvenate the skin.

Primera- Water Cress Brightening Foam- $30SkinFood Black Sugar Strawberry Mask Wash Off- $11.99


2. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated

Dehydration can cause the skin to appear dry and dull, emphasizing pores and wrinkles. Drinking water will help hydrate your skin and improve its elasticity, allowing your skin to appear healthy and bright.  Adequate water intake allows wrinkles and pores to be less visible, creating a hydrated glow for your skin.

3. Use moisturizer to prevent skin from drying out

All skin types will benefit from using moisturizer during the summer. Even if you skin feels oily from the hot and humid weather, it does not mean your skin is hydrated. Lack of moisture and hydration and damage the skin and cause premature aging. Even when you are not out and about in the hot weather, air conditioning can also dry out the skin. The Cremorlab Fresh Water Gel is a great moisturizer with a lightweight and non-sticky formula that is perfect for summertime. 

Cremorlab- Fresh Water Gel- $48

4. Use SPF and don’t forget to re-apply

Applying SPF is incredibly important when protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. SPF helps to decrease your risk of developing skin cancer and prevents premature aging of the skin. It helps to even out your skin tone and prevents brown spots and slows down the development of wrinkles. The IOPE Air Cushion Compact is foundation formulated with sun screen (SPF 50+/PA+++) to provide protection to the skin while covering imperfections. It includes vitamins B5, E, and P, which keeps skin hydrated and fresh throughout the day.

IOPE- Air Cushion Compact XP- $38

5. Use eye creams for under eye protection

The delicate areas of the skin, including the under eyes, are more prone to wrinkles and sun damage. Using an eye cream will help prevent eye wrinkles, a sing of aging, from prematurely forming. Nature Republic’s Snail Solution Eye Cream works to brighten the areas around the eyes and fight wrinkles with its rejuvenating formula with the use of snail secretion filtrate.

Nature Republic- Snail Solution Eye Cream- $35

6. Use serum

Serum is applied after cleansing and before moisturizing, and is an effective way to target skincare issues such as dark spots and wrinkles. The Organience Cure Serum is rich with nutrients derived from black rice and plant extracts, working to strengthen the skin’s self defense system. This serum is perfect for the summer when protecting skin from the sun’s UV rays and brightening the skin’s complexion for a delightful glow.

Primera- Organience Cure Serum- $42

7. Use a face mist

Face mists are incredibly refreshing when you are battling with the hot summer weather. With one spritz, your face will feel delightfully rejuvenated and refreshed again. Facial mists are great for moisturizing and helping sooth the skin after sun exposure. We love the Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist is made of 100% Organic Green Tea Water which works well with replenishing thirsty skin.

Innisfree- Green Tea Mineral Mist

8. Protect your lips

Many people forget the lips when it comes to protecting your skin from the sun. The skin on your lips is very delicate and still susceptible to sun damage and premature aging signs such as wrinkles. The Missha Matte Lip Rouge is lightweight with HD pigmentation and a matte texture that spreads out lightly.  Its SPF17 is perfect for helping to protect your lips from sun damage while adding a pop of color. The MISSHA x LINE Friends edition comes in a variety of colors and adorable packing.

Missha x Line Friends Matte Lip Rouge


Follow this guide and your skin will be exposed to less sun damage along with looking healthy and bright! Which sun protecting tips do you practice daily? Do you have any additional must-try tips for summer? Let us know in the comments below! 



Brooke Finnicum is a university student with a passion for traveling and Korean culture, especially when it comes to Korean beauty and skincare.

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