Iope Air Cushion Compact- Sold every 6 seconds

Since The IOPE Air Cushion hit the beauty market, it has become one of South Korea’s best selling beauty products and slowly snuck in to the makeup pouches of people all over the world. Every six seconds, an IOPE BB cushion is sold, and it's easy to see why. With flawless coverage and easy application, this BB cushion has taken the beauty world by storm.


BB creams, also known as “beauty balms” or “blemish balms,” originated within the South Korean beauty industry and have continued to become popular throughout Asia. BB creams are essentially a lightweight foundation formulated with sunscreen and anti-aging ingredients. BB creams avoid the cakey and heavy feeling that regular foundation can create. Soon, BB creams were being produced in adorable cushion compacts. These compacts would soon change the way people used foundation for the better.  


The IOPE Air Cushion is a round compact with a mirror and a cushion of foundation. With the cushion comes a thin applicator puff that is used to apply the BB-soaked sponge to your skin. The soft-to-the-touch cushion picks up the BB cream and then releases it on to your skin when applying pressure to the applicator puff. With a few gentle pats, your BB cream can be applied quickly and efficiently within a matter of minutes. 

Find which IOPE shade is right for you HERE.

This product has a multitude of beauty and skin benefits. Its SPF of 50+/PA+++ beats out other BB creams that often only have SPF 30+.  High SPF protects the skin from harmful UV rays and prevents photoaging of the skin. While protecting the skin and providing flawless overage, the BB cushion helps even skin tone and cover imperfections through its ingredients of Vitamins B5, E, and P.  Vitamins help to keep skin hydrated and fresh throughout the day. The application itself is designed to keep the foundation at the top of the antibacterial sponge, so that it doesn’t actually absorb the product. This compact is perfect for using on-the-go when you need a quick touch up. 


The IOPE Air Cushion is my personal favorite out of all the Korean BB cushions. I first purchased it while I was studying abroad in South Korea and I have continued to consistently use this as my everyday foundation even one year later. The lightweight and brightening formula gives the skin a natural and glowing look. Many people have asked me what foundation I use, often telling me that is looks very natural but provides good coverage. The IOPE Air Cushion is available in four different shades. “N” shades are for those that want a more natural and light look. “C” has more coverage but is still lightweight. N21 or C21 are a light beige tone while N23 and C23 are a light-olive skin tone. I have a very fair skin tone, so N21 matches my skin almost perfectly! 


What happens when you run out of the foundation? It conveniently comes with a foundation replacement cushion and extra puff. All you have to do is pop out the old foundation and puff applicator, and replace it with the new one. You do not need to purchase a new compact and can save money by buying “refills” that come with just the foundation and puff. It is recommended that you change the puff after 2 weeks of use.


What do you think of the IOPE Air Cushion? What do you like most? Do you prefer Natural or Coverage for your cushion? We'd love to hear your comments below!


Brooke Finnicum is a university student with a passion for traveling and Korean culture, especially when it comes to Korean beauty and skincare. Majoring in communication and public relations, she has studied abroad in South Korea twice and envisions herself working in Seoul in the future. A firm believer in the wonders of mud masks and liquid eyeliner, Brooke loves reading up on the latest K-beauty trends. When she isn't gushing over the IOPE BB cushion or testing all of Skin Food's products, Brooke loves watching Korean dramas and exploring unique cafes with her friends.

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