Introducing our Korean Beauty Box

Welcome to Brush & Powder! We're excited to introduce our new Korean beauty box curated just for you! Each month, we curate a new box filled with fun, innovative, and useful products based on your skin type. Each product is a full-size item for you to get the maximum benefit out of Korean beauty.

Our boxes are curated for the purpose of enhancing your makeup and skincare collection each month. With our first month approaching, we are going to begin with the basics of a 10-step Korean skin care routine, starting with the cult classic Banila Co. Clean It Zero cleansing oil! The Banila Co. Clean It Zero line has a cleansing oil for each skin type, and we'll include the one that works best for you in your first box. We also have four more items that you've likely seen on our Instagram a bonus item! 

Each month we will curate the next item in the routine as well as some other fabulous surprises (modeling mask, anyone??) Next month, we'll curate a water-based cleanser, which is the second step in the double-cleanse method.

Our focus will mostly be on skin care items, with occasional makeup items that we personally love. No one wants to end up with orange eyeshadow if that just isn't their color! We promise to only add items to our beauty boxes that we think that you will love.

These boxes are not subscription, so you can purchase only the boxes that you love! Each box is only available for that month, so once the month is over, the box will no longer be available! 

We're looking forward to getting your first box into your hands so you can start to experience (or continue, if you're an aficionado) the incredible world of Korean beauty!

*Boxes are limited, so make sure you order yours today! 

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